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Ghost Transportation Services works with both customers and vendors to provide solutions that meet the needs of the many different situations that are presented. From simple shipments that are one pickup, one drop, to complex shipments that have multiple moving parts and parameters, Ghost Transportation Services uses ingenuity and experience to get what is required accomplished.

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Ghost Transportation Services was founded in 1987 by Clay Dowling and since those early days has evolved into a thriving enterprise with a solid reputation. Our team members can collectively offer you more than one hundred years of transportation experience.

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Ghost Transportation Services customizes our services to tailor to the customer's needs.

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Ghost Transportation Services helps connect our customers to the rest of the world. Whether it is down the street, across the country or around the world, Ghost Transportation Services has the ability to move your products where you need it to go.

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Do you need a skid moved across town? A full truck across the country? Moved fast on a plane, or on a slow boat across the ocean? Have a shipment coming in but nowhere to put it? Contact our team today so that we can provide a valued solution to your needs!

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Your Trusted Transportation Service Provider
Jul 23, 2024 Noah Sander
At Ghost Transportation Services, we’re committed to delivering the transportation solutions you deserve.
Jul 18, 2024 Noah Sander
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🚨 We’re Hiring! 🚨
Jul 16, 2024 Noah Sander